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"Why? Since your husband can't go, wot's more likely than he shud send his man to t?ake you?".
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The odds were generally on Reuben. It was felt that a certain unscrupulousness was necessary to the job, and in that Backfield had the advantage. "Young Realf wudn't hurt a fly," his champions had to acknowledge. Though the money was with Reuben, the sympathy was mostly with Realf, for the former's dealings had scarcely made him popular. He was a hard man to his customers, he never let them owe him for grain or roots or fodder; his farm-hands, when drunk, spoke of him as a monster, and a not very tender-hearted peasantry worked itself sentimental over his treatment of his children.?
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"I never looked upon Rose as my rival鈥擨 always knew my real rival was your farm, and though now Rose is out of the way, that still stands between us.".
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"Will you marry me, Naomi?".

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